Chiang Mai

Hey everyone. This time we have a lot of pictures and not so much time, so we’ll try to post the best ones and a short caption for each. The first full day in Chiang Mai, we had a guide named Max, who was great.

First stop was Doi Suthep, a Buddhist temple on the mountain, representing the story of Buddha reaching Nirvana. Here is the staircase to heaven, 306 steps (which we climbed twice.)

Here’s Mother Earth at the bottom of the staircase.

And Naga.


Bodi tree. Max told us that families would write their names on leaves from the tree, and they would find each other in the next life.


Buddha everywhere.

Prolonging our lives.

Obligatory selfie.

Story of Buddha in wood (not concrete, as Max said.)

Overlooking the city.

Garuda on top.

Chang (elephant.)

Singha, the third of the mythical beasts.

At the top.

And then we went all the way down and all the way back up to put our leaf by the pagoda.

We went home to change and eat lunch before biking around the city for the afternoon. Here are before pics of our shoes.

Ana doesn’t eat meat… Leaving all of this to me.

We biked out of the city, through some smaller neighborhoods and into a more secluded wooded area until making it to a hospital.
Then we biked to different temples. The last building is Burma style.
A video of us trying durian.
Coconut juice to rinse out the durian.
Our awesome guide.
In the evening, we went to the night market.

The next day, we went white water rafting, hiking to a waterfall, and mountain biking.

13925578_289314181439663_1420164040010884919_oMr Coco tricked us into flipping our raft. 13938129_289313464773068_3144833222076863592_o13987653_289313848106363_1231096175897503540_o14053685_289314241439657_8924155637214200415_o14054387_289314201439661_4830303194284303607_o14066339_289314161439665_8020493028923934438_o14067769_289313454773069_2119422583560273459_o14067904_289313434773071_6374614640799257247_o14067930_289313851439696_4769610896515267754_o

Still have a ways to go, but Chiang Mai has been a favorite so far. 



Finally here

What a week! We finally arrived to Koh Phi Phi after many hours of traveling. We flew from Bangkok to Krabi. We noticed many women were wearing a rainbow sarong, 

here is a picture with 3 women wearing it. Ryan is trying to convince me to buy one.

After de-planing in Krabi, we took a bus to a travel agency where we waited for a smaller bus to drop us off at Krabi pier. Ryan told me that the bathroom was the nicest he had ever seen. I thought he was being sarcastic so I went to check it out and oh wow. Look at the pics! 

Anyhow, we arrived to Krabi pier where we boarded the ferry towards Koh Phi Phi. This was a 1.5 hour ride, it was a nice ride. As we arrived to beautiful island a thunderstorm greeted us. We quickly raced to exit the ferry and were approached by many Long boat drivers to take us to our final destination. Ryan negotiated with one and got him to reduce the cost of the ride. 

Those are the long boats.

We boarded the boat, the sea was a bit tormentous so the waves were rocking us some. Ryan being great at preparing for the worst case scenario grabbed a life jacket which he held closely by. After about a 30 minute ride we arrived at the resort. The staff greeted us. Took our bags and presented us with a delicious beverage and an ice cold hand towel (we assumed it was to wash our hands). After checking  in we were driven to our cottage.

We took the longest shower ever. Put on some robes, ordered room service and fell right asleep. 

The next am we woke up around 6 am, went for breakfast and a leisure walk around the resort. 

Then headed up to our room for a work out, followed by snorkeling in the afternoon.  It was Ryan’s first time, and he did great! Unfortunately there weren’t too many fishes.. so I have made it a goal to take him somewhere with a great reef some time in the future. We took pictures with the water camera which we will upload when we return.

We went to dinner and watched a fireshow. 

Yum, banana fritters.

Today is departure day for Chiang Mai, so we stopped for some mango sticky rice in koh phi phi pier prior to boarding the ferry. 

Shaken Lychee iced tea.

Let’s see what adventures await us in Chiang Mai.

FYI, the feature pic is of our resort in koh phi phi.