Almost there

Hey, Ryan here. This blog thing… Anyone remember xanga? All the cool kids had one. Ana doesn’t know what it is, but I remember it being a big thing back in the day. That must have been 15 years ago.

Anyway, after a hectic week moving everything to Chicago, flying to Shanghai and transferring planes, we are finally in Bangkok. We’re waiting for a shuttle to take us to another airport, another flight, and a couple boat trips before we are finally at our first location. 

Ana planned out the entire trip, no tour group or anything (ok maybe she jacked an itinerary or two). That’s the benefit of having an experienced traveler at my side. (She’s not looking over my shoulder or anything.)

The picture above is us sharing Ana’s bag while we wait for the first shuttle to arrive. Check out that neck, that’s why I call her my giraffe. 

The airport here is pretty clean, has decent food, and is full of a bunch of other travelers like us who are sleeping, presumably also waiting for the shuttle. Hopefully we’ll have pictures of interesting food and places soon.


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