First Post

Hello world


Hello and welcome to our blog! My name is Ana and as of today, I have completed a Nurse Practitioner program. As a reward, my boyfriend Ryan and I are about to embark on our first international trip together. We’ve been thinking about visiting Asia for some time, and we’ve decided that now is the best time, prior to Ryan starting work next month and before I begin preparing for my new career.

In this blog, we’ll be sharing our experiences, photos and briefly talk about some of the items we are using. Perhaps this could help some of you in your future travels as well. Also, this is a way for us to update our families and friends on what we are doing, and to record our memories for the future.

We’re excited to fly out tomorrow, but first we have to drive from Philadelphia to Chicago, as you can see above. We’re completing our move to Chicago when we come back from vacation, and for now, we need to get my car there. With our flight in the afternoon, we’ll be driving all night to reach the airport on time.
Well that’s enough for now. Let the adventures begin! Wish us luck.

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